Premonitions from Infinite Detail

A collection of images that remind me of Tim Maughan's Infinite Detail story, depicting the techno-culture and dystopian life before the "great event".

A homeless person sitting near their tent in the street with a pair of Oculus Quest 2 on their face.

A paying public kiosk to dispense water which likely requires an app.

Amazon Prime delivery drones in a street.

A user complains on twitter that their car got bricked due to a failed software update.

Someone complains on the usage of DRM to prevent people re-filling using anything other than cups from recently purchased meal.

A news headline stating robots are picking up unwanted jobs in a Texas restaurant.

An add for augmented reality swimming googles.

A homeless person sitting near their tent in the street with a pair of Oculus Quest 2 on their face.

Someone grilling sausages in the top part of what looks like a Boston Dynamics Spot robot.

Someone complaining that their smart oven is updating during Thanksgiving.

A photo of a cow wearing virtual goggles, displaying green pastures while it's stuck indoor during winter.

Someone complaining about a 35k pillar looking robot with googly eyes that detects trash on the floor of supermarkets and alerts a worker to pick it up.

A fleet of 6 or 7 Starship delivery drones forming a line on a university campus.

Someone pushing a security robot that is stuck on the sidewalk.

A notice on a Starbucks warning customers that from October onwards, cash will no longer be accepted as a form of payment.

A Vice article stating that an eating disorder helpline is firing their staff after unionizing and replacing them with a chatbot.

An slum in Tijuana, Mexico, superimposed on a massive Amazon warehouse.

Someone showing an image of an individual hitting a RoboTaxi with a hammer.

An egg shaped wheeled robot that will act as New York's NYC subway police officer.

A Ford car dashboard screen showing the message "Update Not Successful. Unfortunately, a recent software update was not successful. Your vehicle cannot be driven."