Voice Controlled Shopping List

A voice powered groceries shopping assistant built for the Pixels Camp's 2016 Hackathon.

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Ever been in a situation where you notice that you're missing something in your house, you need to buy it but then forget to add that product to your shopping list?

Well now with Jarbas, you don't need to open your note app to write down your shopping list.

Simply say "Jarbas" to your phone (Android) or using the Jarbas Webapp (Chrome only) and tell it what you want to add to your shopping list.

It'll be listening to what you want to find and save it. Once you're done, you can ask it to email you the list or request for the groceries to be delivered at your place (using Continente's API).

No more forgetting to buy that toilet paper! Jarbas is here for you.

How it Works



After 2 days of hacking away and testing, Jarbas was live. The project landed 3rd place ,amongst over 60 participating teams. Not bad! 🏆

You can check the code here.You can check the presentation to the audience below.

Picture of the ceremony, receiving the trophy for 3rd place.

Receiving the trophy (and an Apple TV 4K)