Lawrence Braun de Almeida.
Swiss born with French/Portuguese nationality — mostly European.

A lot of things interest me when it comes to technology (in no particular order):
information extraction (scraping) & processing, time tracking, UX/UI, data visualization, AI/ML and boring stuff like tech regulation & legislation.

When not working, I spend time with my significant other, read, play with my 3 cats or do some gardening. When possible I'll catch some waves too.

I try to balance my work and personal life but the line often gets blurry.

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What's your daily stack?

Javascript: Nuxt.js/Vue.js & Node.js; MongoDB; TailwindCSS & SCSS.

What else?

Bootstrap (3, 4, bootstrap-vue), Foundation, Bulma; Also Meteor.js & ElectronJs; Some rusty Python & Django knowledge.

DevOps / Tools?

Digital Ocean & Netlify –– no AWS (yet). I can do Docker but don't use it frequently. For logs/monitoring, usually go for Datadog & Rollbar. Repos are either on GitHub or GitLab. BitBucket is fine too.

Unit Tests?

Unfortunately not as much as I should. Depends on the project's timeline & requirements.

Communication / Management

I've used plenty but Slack, Skype & Email are the most common.
For project management/control usually Trello & Jira. My fallback is Notion when no tool is mandatory.

Where are you based?

Faro, Portugal : Western European Time, UTC+0.
Compare the timezone difference to other countries here.

Social profiles?

Mainly LinkedInInstagramTwitterMediumFacebookGitHub & GitLab.
Besides these you may find me on other places using the handle @mstrlaw